Verizon FIOS Promotion Codes and Deals

Verizon FIOS promotion code

When signing up for any sort of service through Verizon FIOS, it is essential for you to know exactly how to get the best price and lower your payment. After all, this is simply money out of your pocket, and as you are going to receive the same service, you might as well chip down the price whenever possible. When first ordering your Verizon FIOS service, it is possible to enter in a coupon code during the purchase process. This coupon code, depending on the code you are entering or where you currently live, can do anything from trim down your installation bill to reduce your monthly payments for several months. All of these are extremely valuable and can result in hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in saved money. This way, you can save money and place this cash right back into your pocket.

Verizon FIOS Promotion Codes and Coupons

1.  Verizon FiOS Triple Plays start at $79.99/mo. and you receive FREE activation with no agreement necessary. The Triple Play provides FiOS Internet + FIOS TV + Phone service.

2. Verizon FiOS Triple Play starts at $89.99/mo. and you receive FREE activation + $300 Promo Card with 2 year agreement. The Triple Play provides FiOS Internet + FIOS TV + Phone service.

3. Verizon FiOS Double Play starts at $79.99/mo. The Double Play provides FIOS Internet + FIOS TV service, and FREE activation.

4. Verizon FiOS Double Play starts at $50/mo. The Double Play provides FIOS Quantum Internet + FIOS Local News and Sports TV service plus HBO or SHO, and FREE activation.

5. Verizon High Speed Triple Play starts at $69.99/mo. (requires 2 year DirecTV agreement). The Triple Play provides Verizon Internet + DIRECTV + Verizon Phone service.

6. Verizon High Speed Double Play starts at $34.99/mo. The Double Play provides Verizon High Speed Internet and Verizon Phone service.

7. Verizon High Speed Internet is only $19.99/mo. with no term agreement. Must have existing Verizon home phone service. Click “Plans” to get to the deal.

8. Verizon Business Bundle start at $89.99/mo. The Business Bundle provides High Speed or FiOS Internet + Business Phone.

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To begin your Verizon FIOS purchase, you need to navigate over to the Verizon FIOS website. From there, you want to click the “Shop” tab on the top of the screen, then choose “Availability.” FIOS is one of the newest forms of Internet and television connection, so it is not available in all areas. If it is not available in your area you will have to go with other service providers. However, after you enter in your current address, if you are told you are in a service provided area, you can continue with your purchase.

Now, you need to select the kinds of services you want. You can simply select an individual option, such as “Internet,” “TV” or “Phone”, or you can opt to bundle the purchase. The bundle plans are going to give you a slight discount on all of your services, as long as you opt in for all three. This is up to you though. However, you need to know that the television service does require the same sort of Internet connection, so if you only want television, you still need some sort of Internet connection in your home through FIOS.

Once you have made the kind of services you want selection, you have to choose the specific plans under these services. There are different Internet speeds, different television packages and different phone line options. All of these are very important to take in mind, so look over the packages and the services and go from there. All of this is very important for you to look into when making your selection. There are going to be different product recommendations, depending on the kinds of features you want. If you are looking to stream television programs through Netflix or other similar products, FIOS is going to tell you the Internet connection speed you want. On top of this, if you want a set number of DVRs, this is also going to be important. All of this is going to help you save money and receive the exact kind of service that is right for you.

After you have made all of your final selections it is time to proceed to the purchase of your products and set up an installation time. Choose the “Proceed to Checkout” option. Once here, you need to reconfirm your address where you want everything set up at. You are then able to choose an available installation window. This is going to be a specific date in a set time slot. The time slot is several hours in length, and you need to make sure you are home during this time period. If you are not, you are going to find that the Verizon FIOS provider is not able to install the equipment with you not home.

After selecting the time period it is time to fill out the payment information. If your billing address is the same as your installation address you can continue now, or you can enter in a new billing address. You now have to input your payment information. Enter the credit or debit card information right here, and on the bottom of the screen towards the left side, there is a Verizon FIOS coupon code block right here. Type in the coupon code you have and press “Submit.” When you enter in the coupon code you are going to see the change in price and what it is able to do for you and your service. If you have different att uverse coupon codes you can enter them in to see how it affects your price, but do note that you are only able to use one code at a time. After you have input the coupon code and the price has changed, you can proceed with your order and submit it. Momentarily, you will receive a confirmation screen and you will receive an email with your complete receipt and a reminder for the installation date. Finally, make sure you backup with Carbonite, and even more importantly use a Carbonite offer code for maximum savings.